Looking for Gibraltar holidays in 2011?

The city of Gibraltar fuses an interesting mix of Spanish and British cultures, and has been a top holiday destination for Brits seeking sun for decades. The intriguing but tiny overseas territory sits on the south coast of Iberia adjacent to Andalucia and boasts dramatic cliffs and the famed mountain, The Rock of Gibraltar. The city also hosts numerous hotels as well as the picturesque Eastern Beach, so perfect for holidaymakers. Here's a look at some great Gibraltar holidays in 2011.

Cadogan Holidays are a top tour operator for Gibraltar holidays, and a perfect choice to book with. The company currently offer breaks staying at the Rock Hotel, located on the mountain side just yards from the old town, from only £451 per person. This buys you 7 nights four star accommodation, access to a large outdoor pool, terraced gardens as well as return flights from London Gatwick.

Cadogan also offer 7 night stays at the majestic Caleta Hotel in Catalan Bay. This stunning modern hotel sits on the rocks right by the sea, and offers some of the best views in Gibraltar. The hotel offers an English garden, an Italian restaurant as well as private access to one of the best beaches in the area. This holiday costs from £649 per person including return flights from London Gatwick.

If you would prefer to stay right in the heart of the Old Town then there are few better hotels than the O'Callaghan Eliott Hotel. This traditional and reserved hotel offers classic English style mixed with a warm Mediterranean welcome. 7 nights at this hotel start at £225 per person and can be booked through the Gibraltar Breaks website.

So, close to both Spain's best beaches and Morocco's exotic allure, and featuring dramatic topography and a lively welcome, Gibraltar holidays could be 2011's hidden gem.

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