Ghostly Savannah, Georgia

They love their ‘biggest ball of wool,’ ‘longest hot-dog’ and ‘most bacon rinds per square mile’ kind of appellations in America, and Savannah is no different. It claims to be America’s most haunted city.

But in this case, they’re not far wrong, as the ‘Ghosts and Gravestones’ tour bus informs you.

Then there’s the natives, some of them like to trouble diners partaking of shrimps and crab cakes at the venerable Olde Pink House by telling them they toss beer bottles around nostalgically in the shadowy upstairs backroom of the 187-year-old Moon River Brewing Company on West Bay Street where staff whistle to make themselves feel safer!

This Georgian town is quite beguiling though it has to be said with its ghostly cobble-stoned streets, a hint of fog in the evening coming in off the sea and the lolling Spanish moss hanging from the trees.

According to carpet-bagger (that’s a Northerner who has moved to the South) Shannon Scott, owner of the Sentient Bean, a laid-back, bohemian cafe next door to Brighter Day, the city’s oldest organic food store beside Forsyth Park, ‘since moving here poltergeists have woken me up. Vapour-like spectres have come out of walls like manatees. Sure, they’re scary, but they’re life affirming experiences’ – make of that what you will!

For a sneak peak of what Savannah looks like rent Steel Magnolias, Something to Talk About or Forest Gump- three of the more than 80 movies that have been made here.

Continental, continental.com fly to Savannah via Newark in New Jersey.

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