Getting happy with Monarch.

Monarch Airlines are bringing a new idea to flight purchases by offering a daily happy hour. In fact it’s not just one hour but two. Every day from 12-2pm the company offers some unbelievable online fares for two hours only, at prices that can get you high without the aid of a cocktail! You'll need to have your credit/debit card at hand as you have to book quickly before the time runs out or before someone else bags the bargain.

For example, on line today between 12 and 2pm we found around 40 flight deals from different regional UK airports to destinations such as Malaga, Faro, Tenerife, Mahon, Alicante and more for departures between now and November.

Fly from Birmingham to Mahon on the 14th of October returning on the 25th for just £57.98, a truly great deal! Or how about a one way flight from London Gatwick to Barcelona on the 10th of November for just £36.49? With prices like these, why stay at home?

Monarch flies from Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, London Gatwick and London Luton and Manchester airports to sun spot destinations including Tobago, Sharm El Sheikh, the Canary Islands and Dalman Turkey. So log on daily from 12-2p.m and get ready to be happy and snap up some incredibly cheap flights!

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