Getting away from it all in the Scottish Highlands.

The Garvault Hotel in the wilds of the Scottish Highlands charges only £65 per night for dinner, bed and breakfast, has no tourist board ranking and only eight bedrooms, yet is on US magazine Forbes select list of the world’s top ten remote hotels, reports the Daily Telegraph. Other contenders are an undersea pod in Florida, a lodge in the Alaskan tundra and luxury accommodation at a Mexican cave retreat.

Sitting in 40-acre grounds more than a two-hour drive north from Inverness, The Garvault offers the ultimate in holiday isolation, which is becoming increasingly sought after in today’s modern world, and increasingly difficult to find. Guests can go trekking, salmon and trout fishing or bird-watching, then warm up over a supper of roast venison, haggis and tatties by a traditional peat fire.

Owners Graham and Doreen Bentham, were surprised but delighted by the hotel’s new-found international fame, saying it was in the Guinness Book of Records as the most remote hotel on the British mainland. They sometimes go two or three months without a visitor in the winter but do good business during the fishing season from Easter to October.

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