Get your ski boots on for the Syrup season in Quebec

Along the maple syrup ski trail of Quebec, you’ll come across sausages in maple syrup, maple-smoked ham, pork beans with syrup, maple syrup face masks, hot maple and whiskey ‘Caribou’ cocktails and 1001 other imaginative things you can do with maple syrup. This is going to be a ‘sweet’ trip indeed....

There’s no better time to visit Quebec than the coming months when the ‘Sugaring-off’ means that it’s all hands on deck in order to harvest the 25,000 litres of maple syrup that it takes to keep Canadians, and the rest of us, sweet for the rest of the year.

In Rigaud about 40 miles west of Montreal, you’ll find the Sucrerie de la Montagne – one of the best ‘sugar stacks’ in the region. They offer all-year-round log cabin accommodation as well as sweet treats, and the traditional sugaring-off feast – an evening of gorging on syrup-infused foods, with music and dancing.

Sucrerie de la Montagne is well-placed for the 140-plus miles of cross-country trails of the Mont Rigaud ski area. There are plenty of places to rent equipment, and the path of a former railway line, the P'tit Train du Nord, makes a great, flat location to practise your moves and burn off all the syrup.

Oh, and don’t forget the maple liquor and walnuts before bed. SucrerieDeLaMontagne, tourisme-montreal.

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