Get to Lanzarote while it's still hot enough

October. Still a good three months before the Alps open for business and the snowboarding season begins. What to do when you want something active and lying by a pool reading books doesn't quite appeal? It seems too decadent as stock markets crash and the world as we know it collapses anyway.....

.......why not surfing? Actually, the two sports appear to have much in common. The love of outdoors, the strange coded language (are you goofy or regular?) and the often ridiculous clothing. So why not surf in Lanzagrotty?. How hard can it be to stand on a 10-ft plank for a minute or so? The first few hours of surfing school will teach you to jump on giant hard-foam training boards and paddle for imaginary waves. Don't worry if you swallow half the Atlantic on the first go, everyone does.....

By mid-way through the day you'll be giving the Vaya Cono Dios speech and calling your mate Bodhi – (his name’s Ron) and more importantly will be hooked both on surfing and Lanzarote – which, by the way, is far from grotty.

A wicked pad can be found at Fincamalvasia.com, and surfing lessons booked at surfschoollanzarote.com. Flights with Monarch won't break the bank either. Radical Dude!

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