Get thee to Spain, Sinner.

Aside from wine, fiesta, siesta and more wine, there is one thing the Spanish love – religion. Yes, bizarre isn’t it, it’s got something to do with the pleasure – pain principle; flagellation, spiked leg wraps and all that jazz.

Well this year, 25th July to be exact, there is the unpronounceable ‘Xacobeo’ festival in Santiago de Compestela, in Galicia (say the ‘X’ like a sexy Russian ‘Z’ and you’ve got it).

Basically since the 25th falls on a Sunday – next time won’t be till 2021 – the locals open the bricked-up ‘Puerta Del Perdon,’ (the door of pardons – very polite indeed!) and all who pass through the door have their sins pardoned – Abracadabra, just like that!

Now, since the place will be choc-a-bloc with all variety of sinners, this in fact could turn out to be more Burning Man with Sangria than the holy affair the Vatican is hoping for.

And best of all, you can go right on sinning then go back in 2021 for another wash – you’ve got to love Catholicism!

If this type of thing floats your boat check out www.turgalicia.es and with a 40 quid Ryanair special you’re good to go.

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