Get the whole package for your holiday this year

The idea of planning, booking and paying for flights, transfers and accommodation in one fell swoop is highly attractive especially for those people with extremely busy lives. All booked, job done, no further thought required until it comes to packing and leaving for the airport.

The package holiday is by no means a new invention and is something that many travel agencies rely on to be extremely popular especially during the summer months. This goes for web-based agencies as well as those on the typical High Street.

All of the major travel agents offer package holidays to many destinations. Due to the popularity of this type of holiday, especially for families, and the high demand, it is a competitive industry and you should be able to pick up some excellent deals. Typically package holidays tend to be to destinations within a four hour flight time, mostly in Europe and predominantly to sunny climes although you may find some great deals for ski holidays also.

Many of the travel agents also provide package deals to further flung destinations such as Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, Africa and the Caribbean. The world really is your oyster so go and investigate!

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