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Fortunately, there are many options for last minute flights - you can often find great deals on flights to exciting destinations, while still having money left over to enjoy your trip.

Barcelona is an excellent choice for last minute flights. There, you can take in the sights and sounds of this cosmopolitan city, where old world charm meets modern convenience. The MACBA, or Museum of Modern Art, is a favourite choice for holiday travellers. You can also enjoy tapas and sangria at one of the many cafés that line Las Ramblas, while taking in some of the best people-watching that the city has to offer.

If you have time for a longer trip, Las Vegas is a fantastic destination. Known as 'Sin City', Las Vegas is home to 24-hour bars, world-class shows, and a nearly endless array of casinos. Be sure to take in the fountains at Bellagio - you can watch the spectacle from the Eiffel Tour Restaurant, where you can enjoy delicious French cuisine while you take in breathtaking views.

New York City is another excellent choice for last minute travelers. Times Square, one of the city's busiest intersections, is a bustling mixture of activity, neon, and shopping. Be sure to visit one of New York's many delis, where you can sample bagels, submarine sandwiches, and other regional staples.

Finding last minute flights for your next holiday is easy - the difficult part is choosing where to go!

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