Get into the Christmas spirit with a December trip to Berlin’s Christmas markets.

It’s not just about retail therapy: there’s something magical about visiting a good Christmas market as we approach the moment of exchanging gifts on the 25th. Why not give your loved ones something different this year, a small or not so small present from Berlin, and do some sightseeing into the bargain?

Lastminute.com is offering 2 nights in a four start hotel with a return flight to Berlin, leaving on Wednesday, December the 1st, from Luton Airport for around £235 per person – a truly incredible deal! The newly opened design hotel is located in the vibrant Mitte district, close to the trendy Oranienburger Strasse and the Friedrichstrasse shopping street, peppered with restaurants and shops. It has everything you’d expect from a four-star hotel including the obligatory gym and sauna, so you can shop till you drop then pamper yourself before going out to one of the nearby eateries.

Christmas shop near the hotel, as well as choosing one or more of the city’s 60 different markets to browse. Berlin is the capital city of the German Christmas markets and Lastminute.com is offering great deals from the 22/11/10 - 31/12/10 to get you there without breaking the bank. Must-see places within striking distance of the hotel are The Reichstag (German Parliament), the Natural History Museum, Friedrichstadt Palace and the Brandenburg Gate (pictured).

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