Get a haircut and a catch a gig in Seattle

It should be dragged out to sea and left there because it unleashed Starbucks on the world. However, it also gave us Kurt Cobain, and his timely death, so Seattle can be forgiven – just. That said, it’s not a place for the wanton capitalist: everything in this town seems to have been stuck with a 'locally sourced' or 'ethically traded' sticker and residents are damn proud of it. With its lively markets, thriving East Asian communities, excellent coffee houses and a small, but very cool hipster scene, Seattle is definitely for the alternative minded traveller.

Start off your holiday with a new coif at Coupe Rokei, not the norm for a traveller’s agenda, but here’s where you’ll get to know true Seattle hospitality, and get in the know about where to go, couperokei.

Fill up on catfish, fried chicken and collard greens at the soul food heaven that is the Kingfish Café, kingfishcafe. If you’re going to get a tattoo at ‘Super Genius’ please do so before you go drinking and gigging for the night at the likes of Stumptown or Nuemos – where you’re likely to see anyone from Ween to Dizzy Rascal taking the stage, Neumos.

Icelandair offer flights to Seattle via a stopover in Reykjavik for under £500, Icelandair.

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