Get a ferry from Southampton to Cannes

Cannesis a historic city that attracts tourists from across the world for a plethora of reasons. It's situated in the fabulous Normandy region in France, which is famous for its 360 miles of stunning coastline, including the iconic beaches that have come to dominate history books in the tragic tale of World War II.

Anyone looking for a deeper understanding of the devastating war that changed Europe forever should take the time to visit the Cannes War Memorial. It's a fascinating collection of exhibits and memorabilia that documents the heart-rending tale of Europe from World War 2 to the Cold War.

If you're in need of some cheering up after this sobering experience, food is the answer. Normandy is a heavyweight in the world of fine foods. From cheese to cider, the region acts as a shop window for the world renowned food culture in France.

The UK makes the most of its close proximity to Normandy. People wishing to travel to the region have a number of options. Ferries from Southampton to Cannes are one of the more enjoyable ways of travelling to France.

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