Germany Flights and Attractions

There are several Germany flights from the U.K. in to the country that lead to international airports such as Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich.

Germany is a country rich in history and beauty. No matter your interest, there are must see places to visit. One of these is the Berlin Wall. With such an emotional and significant history, this monument is sure to fascinate many visitors. Want to add some romance to your visit in Germany? Try the Romantic Road. Drive along this road and see beautiful countryside to quaint villages.

Who can visit Germany without thinking of Oktoberfest? This fun and exciting filled festival held in the town of Bavaria will entertain tourists for hours. You can let loose for many days drinking German Ale and enjoy eating local, German food.

Think of the United Kingdom when castles come to mind? Think of Germany as well, when you feel the need to visit historic castles. One of the most visited places in Germany is the Neuschwanstein Castle. This beautiful palace was an inspiration to the legendary Walt Disney for the many castle's featured in his films.

There are a variety of places to dine while visiting Germany. If you have a craving for local food then a Gasthaus is the place to go. How about a bratwurst? Try a local Schnellimbiss. Finally, if an authentic German pastry and tea sounds good, find a local Konditorei to satisfy the craving.

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