German Sea Captain’s mummified body discovered at sea

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Last weekend 2 fishermen discovered a 40-foot partially submerged yacht named Sayo just 50-miles off the Surigao del Sur province in southern Philippines. What they were about to discover though would shock them.

Inside was German national Manfred Fritz Bajorat’s body sitting at a desk slumped over with the radio transmitter just inches away. Police have assumed he was trying to call for help but unfortunately none came. Due to the dry ocean winds, hot temperatures and salty air, his body was mummified and preserved.

Throughout the yacht there were numerous photos and paperwork that helped identify his body. After talking with friends it was discovered that he once had a wife named Claudia whom had travelled with him many times on the sea. Eventually their paths split and they separated in 2008. She passed away in 2010 from cancer but his love for her was still apparent in a tribute he wrote to her and posted on a sailor’s website. "Thirty years we’ve been together on the same path. Then the power of the demons was stronger than the will to live. You’re gone. May your soul find its peace. Your Manfred."

The 59-year old's cause of death is still unknown. The police believe there was no foul play but it was most likely a natural cause of death, possibly a heart attack. They have contacted his daughter, Nina Bajorat who is captain of a freight vessel, to help identify the body.

They are currently trying to find the journey Bajorat was taking and was last seen in Mallorca in 2009. There he met a sailor named Dieter who said Manfred “was a very experienced sailor.” Friends also have said he had a deep love for the water and had always wanted to sail the world. Eventually the ex-insurance salesman sold his business and did just that. Friends, family and police are hoping to uncover more of this mysterious venture and learn more about what exactly happened on Sayo.

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