Where to Find Charming Geets in France

There is nothing more pleasant and comforting that staying in Geets while in France. Geets are self-catering cottages and chalets that abound in the entire country from Paris, Normandy, and Brittany to the Loire, and Burgundy.

Your first stop is to visit Gite.com, a site that has an abundance of properties for rent on a short or long term period. For example, visiting the southern part of the country and the Provence area is lovely at this time of the year. There are cottages and homes that can accommodate more than 25 people at a time and these would cost about £3,036 per week from October 1-8, 2011. They usually have 6 bedrooms with each one capable of sleeping 4 to 8 guests. A perfect way to host family events, class reunions or any type of large gatherings.

Geets.francethisway.com is another source of information on booking a stay in one of the geets. If you fancy visiting the Champagne area, there are several properties listed for rent. Expect to pay £210 for lodgings with a shared pool. The chalets can hold up to 6 people and are fully furnished including washing and drying facilities.

These types of abode are special and attractive because they feel like homes away from home. Those seeking a peaceful and relaxing retreat from the daily humdrums of life will find solace in the scenic countryside or amidst medieval ruins.

When planning your next getaway, consider the enchanting geets in France and experience their rustic charms at affordable costs.

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