Cheap Gatwick to Paphos airfares

Paphos is your destination of choice for your summer holidays this year and who can blame you. One of the famous Greek islands, this little piece of paradise is bathed in sunshine all year round which makes it the perfect place to go on a quick break from the rigours of the rat race any time of the year.

Paphos is situated just 25 kilometres from the famous Rock of Aphrodite which is said to be the rock of love and could be the ideal place for you and your partner to spend a beautiful romantic holiday. The Rock of Aphrodite is not the only historical part of the island and if you are a bit of a history buff or just enjoy immersing yourself in the culture of a new country then there is plenty of things on this island to keep you entertained.

There is a more modern element to the island if all of the above does not intrigue you as most of the hotels and apartments are of a modern design and are mostly situated on the seafront. The brilliant Kato Paphos harbour is a lovely sight at night and offers a whole host of bars and local authentic tavernas for you to let your hair down and enjoy the nightlife of Greece at it's best so be quick and book your Gatwick to Paphos airfares.

Cheapflights.co.uk always have reasonable prices and they have a Gatwick to Paphos airfares for £87 return which includes taxes between 19th of June and 3rd of July. The prices rise a bit in July but you can still get return flights for £187 return.

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