Gatwick/Manchester vacations

Well, the good news is that Gatwick to Manchester vacations are cheap. This mainly comes down to the fact that the flights are so cheap. Let's fix you up with some cheap flights and then we'll worry about the accommodation.

The good news is that we have found a website that will make the booking process very easy for you, check out the Skyscanner (http://www.skyscanner.com) website. They offer great deals on your flights so hit them up and let's get you sorted out.

We managed to find return flights in the middle of August (19th-22nd) for as little as £75 a head. That means two people can get to Manchester and return after a great weekend for only £150 with British Airways.We figure this gives you a lot more cash to play with for hotels so lets get something truly top drawer.

Next thing to do is hit up the 'Ibis Hotel' (http://www.ibishotel.com) website. The Ibis is a four-star establishment set right in the centre of Manchester. You will be right at the heart of everything great that Manchester has to offer. From restaurants to bars, sight seeing to museums, everything is within walking range of the Ibis.

For the weekend (3 nights) it will only set you back £194 for both you and your partner. This will get you a room with either a double bed or 2 singles depending on your preference.

The rooms have everything you could need to make your stay a comfortable one. You will not find a better price on a four star hotel anywhere else online so be sure to check out the Ibis.

Why not catch 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat' at the Opera house on the 20th. This is a great piece of live theatre and a great night out. Or maybe hit up one of Manchester's trendiest bars. 'Apotheca' is a super modern bar with cocktails and fresh pizzas, guaranteed a good time here, how can you beat cocktails and pizza?

There you have it, Gatwick to Manchester vacations... sorted!



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