Gastronomy tour of Bruges

This picturesque medieval city, all canals, cobble streets and clock towers, steers just the right side of Disneyworld pastiche. Sure, in summer you can't move for camera-clicking daytrippers, dutifully ticking off Bruges from their European to-do list, but for the rest of the year it's much more manageable.

In recent years, however, the Flemish capital has undergone something of a transformation, thanks in no small part to the popular In Bruges movie.

The high priests of Belgian cuisine have embraced the 21st-century avant-garde – after Luxembourg and Switzerland, the country can claim more Michelin stars per head than anywhere else in Europe. It's not for nothing that the budding Blumenthals of Belgian cookery meet in Bruges each year for the Flemish Primitives festival to discuss all things weird and wonderful in the world of molecular gastronomy and beyond, FlemishPrimitivesFestival.

After stepping off your Eurostar £69 return train, head straight for Pieter Pourbus – for a humungous T-bone steak for two is cooked to a (ahem) T - PieterPourbus.

Then waddle over to The Chocolate Line for dessert, where chef Persoone uses everything from wasabi and guacamole to chicken and oysters in his remarkable pralines! TheChocolateLine.

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