Game Of Thrones Filming Locations in Scotland to Visit

The HBO hit TV series Game of Thrones has filmed in a wide range of locations around the world. From the world’s largest glacier in Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland where scenes north of the wall were shot, to Split, Croatia where Daenerys Targaryen hangs out with her dragons, this show scouts out some of the most beautiful locations around the world, including Scotland.

Initially when Game of Thrones were looking for locations, Scotland seemed like the perfect fit. They used the 14th century Doune Castle in Stirling to depict Winterfell in the pilot for the series. Unfortunately this perfect fit didn’t last long and the filming crew soon left Scotland.

Due to the lack studio space and infrastructure, the production team decided it would be logistically too difficult to shoot the series on location here. The crew moved to Northern Ireland which was better prepared for the demands of the production.

Film enthusiasts will most likely already know that Doune Castle’s claim to fame is not only the pilot for Game of Thrones. It was also used in Monty Python and the Holy Grail and is also used in the TV adaptation of Outlander where you can go on an Outlander Themed Tour. If you are looking for more Game of Thrones filming locations, check out locations in Northern Ireland, Italy, Spain, Morocco and Croatia.

While it may not currently be used in the hit TV series Game of Thrones, Doune Castle is still an exquisite medieval castle to visit. It has a rich and violent history that is well worth your time. Climb the winding staircases and stand in awe of the well preserved Great Hall. Purchase a guidebook if you want to fully appreciate and understand what you are experiencing.

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