Game Fairs in the UK: 2013 events

A great way to spend holidays is to attend Game Fairs in the UK this 2013. There are many events and occasions that can catch your fancy from game and country fairs to food festivals and music concerts. Let us take a look at various happenings around the UK, Scotland, Wales, and the Republic of Ireland.


UK counties have several organised events lined up for the year. Previous game fairs included the Royal Norfolk Show, West Suffolk Game & County Show, and Irish Game Fair.

  • Where to look for information

The website, Games Fairs, games-fairs.co.uk is a great starting point. It gives a comprehensive list of game fairs in the UK for 2013 including locations, duration and even prize money organized by traders. Traders themselves can also go to this website to have their events listed or announced including a competition they intend on holding to attract more visitors. Each event announced on the site has a direct link to the website of organisers where you can buy tickets and get all the info you need for the visit.

  • July-August 2013 events

For example, the CLA Game Fair from July 19 to 21 in Alcester, Warwickshire is an awaited event. Groups and families who are interested about dogs and field sports such as falconry, shooting, hunting, fishing and archery will find this event an exciting one. Families will also love the activities that are available during this time such as nature exploration, shopping or arts and sculpture. Other happenings in July worth mentioning include the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show, Shugborough Hall Country Fair, Nantwich Show, and Stranraer Show.

From August 10-11, 2013 the Lowther Show in Cumbria will entertain visitors and residents with exciting exhibitions, outdoor and adventure sports as well as the revival of the Lowther Hound Show. In short, there is a suitable activity to cater to everyone’s taste from food festivals and games to country shows and falconry.


Prices of admission tickets to game fairs vary. There are events that may include accommodation, use of restaurants and ground facilities. If you are only visiting for the day and sleeping elsewhere, a typical day ticket costs £26 for the CLA Game Fair. Juniors up to 16 years will pay £6. Pitching a tent for a maximum of 2 nights costs £100. Hence, whether you are thinking of a unique way of spending your holidays, consider game fairs in the UK this 2013.

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