Looking for a Gambia experience with flights to Banjul?

Gambia is becoming a more popular destination for the British tourist these days and why not? It is situated to the west of Africa but it is just a six hour plane journey away and quite conveniently you will be in the same time zone. Gambia is full of beautiful beaches covered in soft white sand and has a perfect climate with pretty much year round sunshine. The capital Banjul is colourful and vibrant and I would very much advise you to take a walk through the narrow streets and immerse yourself in the culture. The River Gambia is on one side and you can travel down it on a boat and witness the dense forest with playful monkeys jumping and a vast array of the most beautiful birds. The Gambia experience have been providing holidays for over 20 years so here have a look at this Gambia experience with flights to Banjul.

Gambiaflights.co.uk have the best deals for flying with the Gambia Experience. They fly from London, Birmingham and Manchester. A one way flight to Gambia will cost you £299 per person and a return flight staying for a week or two is priced at £449 per person.

Gambia.co.uk are your best bet for information on the Gambia experience and they have an offer at the Laico Atlantic Beach Hotel in Banjul - flights plus a seven night stay at the top resort for £670 per person. It is the longest established hotel in the Gambia and is just 20 minutes from the main town of Banjul.



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