Galway Hotels

As such, demand for accommodations has skyrocketed. There are several wonderful Galway hotels, but the ones described below represent the cream of the crop. Imperial Hotel Galway City The Imperial is the closest hotel to Galway University, NUIG. Better yet, the Imperial Hotel is located in the center of Galway, making it possible for visitors to easily tour the city by foot. Ardilaun House Hotel The Ardilaun House Hotel features Bed and Breakfast style lodging and offers visitors a comfortable night's sleep and a delicious breakfast. In addition, the Ardilaun House Hotel is well known for its hospitable staff, spacious rooms and reasonable pricing. Clayton Hotel This refreshingly modern hotel offers visitors a clean and comfortable place to sleep, as well as several amenities: a Bistro restaurant, continental breakfast, internet connection, swimming pool and one of Galway's finest bars. Glenlo Abbey Hotel This converted 18th century abbey offers a charming setting for a hotel. There is a touch of luxury and old-world charm that cannot be found at any of the other Galway hotels. There are also many opportunities for entertainment at Glenlo, such as a golf course, archery range, and on-site clay pigeon shooting. Amber Hill Bed and Breakfast This charming establishment is a favorite among Galway visitors, who enjoy the wonderful hospitality and the comfortable accommodations. The decor is quite cheerful, and the many personal touches make one feel at home. Whichever Galway hotel you decide to visit, you will surely enjoy yourself in such a beautiful city!

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