Funky places to Stay in Stockholm.

Abba fans might like to stay at Benny Andersson’s Hotel Rival (0046 854 578900; www.rival.se). It has some very trendy bars, an on-site bakery and a restored cinema, reports the Telegraph. The hotel's light, airy breakfast room, overlooking the square, also serves as a bistro, so even if you’re not staying there, call in and try their excellent, healthy, salad-based Sunday brunch for around £22 with pudding.

If you’re prepared to share, you can have a unique experience in the funky Jumbo Hostel (0046 8593 60400 ; www.jumbohostel.com) starting from £34. A decommissioned PanAm 747 has been refurbished into this 25-room hostel near Arlanda airport, with four-bed dormitories. If you want to lord it, there's a penthouse cockpit suite with a panoramic runway view.

At the other end of the scale, try the Hotel Stureplan (0046 8440 6600; (www.hotelstureplan.se) in Stureplan, complete with Bollinger champagne bar. It’s housed in a 19th-century townhouse in an area brimming with excellent upmarket nightlife. Prices for a double room start at £172.

Remember that December is a great time to go, with SAS (www.flysas.co.uk) offering flights this month from Heathrow starting at £170 return. Be sure not to miss this great deal!

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