Fun-filled Mauritius Holidays

White sand beaches are almost everywhere in this tropical paradise called Mauritius, a tourist haven on the Indian Ocean. Experience budget-friendly Mauritius holidays with a touch of history, nature, and religion.

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The Balaclava ruins are among the popular sights to discover on a Mauritius holiday. Near Baie aux Tortues, so-named by 17th century sailors after the tortoises that abound in the area, visitors will find the remains of the famous Balaclava estate. Mahe de Labourdonnais laid down the foundation of the estate’s seawalls, which are still visible today.

The five Martello Towers scattered along Mauritius also offer a glimpse of the country’s past. The tower in Tamarin, close to the La Preneuse beach, has been restored and now features a public museum. There’s also a tower situated between Beau Bassin and Port Louis. These towers served as the defensive forts of the British during the 19th century, five distinct reminders of the British Empire’s hold over the country.

Splurge on Mauritian products in Grand Bay, the “shopping and leisure paradise” quite popular among tourists. Shops, hotels, bars and restaurants dot this tourist magnet, attracting travellers to fun-filled holidays. The newly renovated La Cuvette beach resort can be also found here.

A Mauritius holiday can’t be complete without some serious beachcombing. Witness and experience the beauty and serenity of nature in Pereybere Beach, an impressive cove popular among the youth. Sand surfing, snorkelling, and kite surfing are popular activities here. Belle Mare Beach on the east coast is also a must-see. It is a postcard-perfect tableau of pristine sand, calm waters, and an enchanting lagoon. It is also home to the best golf courses in the island, offering fun alternatives to the usual water sports available in Mauritius.

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