Fun under the Greek Sun

For starters, how’s about a ridiculously affordable self-contained, spacious apartment on the stunning island of Santorini? Because if you do pull while in Greece – and why shouldn’t you – then you won't want to kill the romance by sneaking your new friend back into a dodgy larger-louts-on-tour apartment block. At the Anny Studios Perissa, the beach is a trip-up from the front door. The studios come in at a silly €28pn for a two-bed studio, so the price is really idiot proof. Guests can windsurf, fish, snorkell and dive. And if you've got any energy left, you could always try horseriding.

And if that doesn’t swirl your cocktail stick, then you could always go for the instructor pulling points by becoming a windsurfing instructor in the Med. Seriously, you earn and you’ve got serious pulling potential – depending of course on how you look in a wetsuit. But after a few week's windsurfing, you’ll look the business. A 12-month placement in Greece could pay you £4,500 per year, plus food, accommodation and travel.

To get qualified, get on to Flying Fish (0871 250 2500; ) and let the wind in your tousled hair do the rest. Or as Billy Connolly calls it, the 'windswept and interesting' look.

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