Fun on Your Barbados Holiday

Barbados is the easternmost Caribbean Island, and packed within its 430 square kilometres is an incredible wealth of sights for you to discover, as well as all the fun and frolicking you can have.

Head to Bridgetown, Barbados' bustling capital city, where you can visit the Nidhe Israel Synagogue, one of the oldest in the Western hemisphere. You can take in the island’s history at the Barbados Museum, housed in a 19th century military prison. Try something different: enjoy the sport of kings – horse racing – at the Garrison Savannah.

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The Barbados sun and warm weather is perfect for lying around on the beach as you sip a tropical cocktail, and for doing water sports and beach activities. Go on a cruise and enjoy the crystal clear waters on your Barbados holiday. See the diverse marine life by snorkelling, diving, or booking an underwater trip on a submersible.

If you’re the rugged type, try exploring the island’s hidden treasures on horseback, 4x4, or mini-moke, as well as by hiking. Walk through the Barbados Wildlife Reserve and come face to face with deer, monkeys, and lots of turtles. Or lose yourself amid the towering tree trunks and cathedral-like silence of Welchman Hall Gully.

When the sun goes down, stroll down to St. Lawrence Gap, a stretch of road filled with hotels, restaurants, and bars. Get your fill of vegetarian dishes at the Harlequin. If you prefer unique and creative food preparations -- such as grilled kangaroo and ostrich fillets -- book a table at the Restaurant at Southsea. For Barbadian and British dishes, try the Bajan national dish of Flying Fish and cou-cou (a dish made out of okra and corn meal) at the Flying Fish restaurant.

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