Where to find fully escorted tours to Japan

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You planning on travelling to Japan for your holidays? If so we have done some research that we hope will show you a great way in which to travel.

Why visit Japan? There is quite a few reasons why you should visit the land of the rising sun this summer such as the cuisine, nightlife, festivals, Mount Fuji and the traditional sumo wrestling sets it all up for an unbelievable holiday.

There is fully escorted tours to Japan available that you should consider when booking your trip and a great place to start is checking out Into Japan Specialist Tours. All their scheduled tours are fully escorted and they can arrange tailor-made holidays, educational programmes and they also offer special-interest tours.

All their tours have all the following, direct flights, all hotels are either 4 or 5 star, April, May, October and November departures and tours last for 2 weeks.

They are currently very much in demand and due to this the tours are filling up rapidly. There are October and November dates available for very affordable prices, coming in at very reasonable rates of £4,750 and £4,450.

How you can book these fully escorted tours to Japan? You have a choice of searching their website at www.intojapan.co.uk or you can contact them by phone on 01865 841443 where one of their friendly staff would be more than happy to help you. So waste no more time book your tour today and experience the land of the rising sun.

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