Fuerteventura Holiday: Food and Fun by the Sea

Your Fuerteventura holiday begins at Morro Jable. A favourite among German tourists, this resort is a stunning combination of crystalline waters and endless skies. Jet skiing, windsurfing, and swimming are just some of the things to do; stroll along the harbour, the promenade, or the beaches, if you don't want to get too wet.

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Originally a fishing village, Corralejo is now a prime tourist spot in Fuerteventura; it features sand dunes, quaint houses, shops, restaurants, and a music square. Activities like jeep safaris, island tours, ferry trips, boat trips, and water sports will keep you busy for days!

What was once a sacred site is now the village of Tindaya, located at the foot of the mountain with the same name; here, more than a hundred sculptures of feet carved into the rocks were believed to fight off evil spirits. An architectural treasure, a natural gem, and a cultural jewel, don't forget to stop by Tindaya on your Fuerteventura holiday.

Would you like to hear a good story? Go to Tefia, where the Eco Museum has become a top attraction. Here, you'll learn about the early days of Fuerteventura in the 8 little houses that feature historical curios, all telling their own tale of the past. Craftsmen specialising in pottery, carpentry, basket-weaving, cheese-making, and lace-making demonstrate their work here.

Stuff yourself with local dishes prepared from tuna, shark, swordfish, sea bass, and parrot fish freshly harvested from the sea. They often come with papas arrugadas, unskinned, small potatoes which are steamed and sprinkled with salt; these are served with a hot sauce called mojo. For a snack, pop a pejines -- tiny, sun-dried fish; try the ones cooked in alcohol for that little kick.

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