From Russia with Love.

If you’re something of a modern history buff, why not set sail from Harwich and take a seventeen-night ‘Voyage to the White Sea and Archangel’ cruise on the Discovery cruise ship, calling at all the places you’d expect to find in a Robert Harris espionage novel? Indeed, an on-board highlight of the cruiser is the original Enigma code-breaking machine.

In addition to Murmansk and Archangel, other Russian ports of call include the Solovetsky Islands, the infamous location of the USSR’s first concentration camp, which closed in 1939, reports the Daily Mail. Because of their traumatic history, the Islands have now been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status, and are fascinating to visit.

Before arriving in Russian waters, the Discovery will be calling into the far northern Norwegian ports of Honnigsvag and Tromso. Tromso, known as the capital of the Arctic, is a lively city with plenty of culture and history to discover, and is surrounded by beautiful mountains, fjords and islands. Honnigsvag claims to be the most northerly city in the world.

The ‘Voyage to the White Sea and Archangel’ cruise departs on the 15th of June 2011 and costs from £2,569 per person. Visit voyagesofdiscovery.co.uk or call 0844 822 0800 for more details.

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