French ferries: travelling in style

Why you should consider holidays with French ferriesIf you’re considering a holiday in France, an ideal way to travel is by French ferries. Flying may be quicker but you’ve got the drawback of lengthy airport delays. Driving through the Channel Tunnel may seem direct, but depending on what time of year you visit France, there can be traffic issues.

What French ferries are recommended?

SeaFrance (www.seafrance.com) run a fleet of three state-of-the-art vessels, allowing you to travel in style and comfort. Travelling by sea is traditionally a great way to build an appetite, and there are plenty of places on-board ship where you can dine or quench your thirst.

As well as a choice of restaurants and bars, with something to suit all the family, you can get an advance taste of traditional French cuisine at La Brasserie.

Le Parisien gives the atmosphere of a Paris café, with a huge variety of sumptuous food and drink, in a charming Parisian-style setting.

The SeaFrance website allows you to plan your journey on into France once you’ve alighted at the port of Calais. As well as a route finder, you’ll find comprehensive advice about what to expect while travelling on French roads.

What are the typical costs of French ferry holidays?

P & O Ferries (www.poferries.com) are currently offering 23 daily sailings to the continent from £35 each way.

SeaFrance (www.seafrance.com) offer Dover to Calias for £30 each wayFurther information is available here: Cheap Ferries to France from the UK.

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