Get the best out of French camping holidays

French camping holidays offer an easy escape to the continent from the UK. With a huge variety of campsites in all the regions of France, you can choose between coast and mountains, rural or resort. There are a few simple ways of ensuring you get the best out of your camping adventure in France.

Life under canvas

Do some research before you set out on your French camping holidays. Many sites will provide useful equipment like furnished tents, fridges, barbecue grills and even TVs. Camping in France doesn't mean you have to give up your home comforts.Check for vital facilities like cash dispensers and wi-fi for catching up on your emails. Even in remote areas, most sites offer internet access, and connections are usually free.In the peak seasons of July and August, making reservations is advisable, especially in the popular sites. A reservation often costs a little extra, usually around 15 to 20 Euro.Those travelling with babies and young children might be pleasantly surprised to know that some French campsites offer baby packs. These include buggies, travel cots and high chairs and can be booked in advance for a small charge.Some of the larger French campsites offer children's clubs, with activities, shows and playgrounds for small children.Wild camping is unpredictable in France. You will need to get permission from the landowner beforehand, and you won't be able to light a fire.

Earplugs can be a useful precaution. European families are more relaxed about letting kids stay up late at night, and busy campsites can get noisy at weekends.

Head south for the sun

Understandably, many British visitors prefer their French camping holidays to come with guaranteed sun. In the months of July and August though, Mediterranean campsites can be uncomfortably hot and crowded. Consider gaining a little altitude and heading up to the cooler campsites in the foothills of the Pyrenees. There will be plenty of opportunities for hikes and swimming in mountain streams, even if the site doesn't have a pool.

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