Free things to do in London

It is great to take a little break from the humdrum routine of life and head to a new city for a few days. Thankfully there are ways to explore London and feel refreshed without breaking the bank. Here is a wide variety of activities that visitors and residents can enjoy in London without it costing a penny.

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Concerts are always a great way to escape the busy streets and soak in some sounds instead. If this is appealing, you can make your way to the ground floor stage area of the Royal Festival Hall. Often during the weekends there are free concerts, exhibitions and workshops here that are free to the public. If you do stop off here, take a moment to take the singing glass elevator up to the 5th floor where you will be treated to a beautiful view of the city from the balcony.

The Scoop is another great venue that offers free concerts and activities. Located next to City Hall near Tower Bridge, this sunken outdoor Amphitheatre can hold a whopping 800 people. During the summer months stop on over and check out some of the free plays, concerts, films or even exercise classes that may be happening at any given time.


For film buffs, make sure to visit one of the nine British Film Institutes, Mediatheque at Southbank. Here visitors can get free access to archives of TV shows, films and documentaries and even a thorough look at the history of London. Check out the BFI website to find the venue closest to you.

Other Random Things

For those that like to go off the beaten path a bit, head to the Skateboard park in Southbank Centre. Even if you are not a hardcore skateboard enthusiast, it is a great place to people watch as BMX riders, skateboarders and graffiti artists can all be found in this area. If you have time and are curious about what happens to skateboards once they can't be used anymore, you can find out at the North East pontoon of Hungerford footbridge where you will find the skateboard graveyard.

One of the top free random Museums that is a must see is the Grant Museum of Zoology. This untraditional museum is a teaching museum for UCL students. It is also open to the public, which is great for families or anyone that is curious to see dead animals up close and personal. They have everything from a bisected pregnant cat to pickled moles and giant Irish Elk antlers.

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