Where to find France villa holidays

France villa holidays

There are a number of websites which offer villas for holiday rental, and if you're travelling with a group of four or more people they can often work out quite cost effective, not to mention giving you increased privacy and often being bigger and more feature-packed than hotels or apartments.

Rent-villas-france.com is one of many sites specializing in holiday villas, and as it's specific to France it also has a larger selection of France based villas than many more general sites. You can search for a villa based on location, capacity, price and dates and duration of stay. The site also has sections for special offers and last minute deals with savings of up to 50%. Many of the villas on offer include swimming pools and private grounds, and they even offer some villas for sale.

Holiday-rentals.co.uk is another site which offers rental of villas and other forms of private accommodation. It has properties worldwide and so is less dedicated to France-based villa holidays than Rent-Villas-France is, however it does have a few good features which some other sites lack. The main useful feature it offers is a very in depth search function, allowing you to filter villas by facilities, such as internet access, parking or whether they have a washing machine. It also allows you to filter results by ones that are managed by an independent owner or a property manager, as well as being able to filter in all the normal ways such as price and location. This allows you to easily search for exactly the type of place that you want to stay and only get results that fit those criteria, taking much of the hassle and uncertainty out of finding a place with all the right facilities.

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