What to Do on Your France Trip

Your France trip

France is one of the main countries to go to for romance and sightseeing. It is beautiful and full of life. It’s important to make the most of your France trip, so you need to know the best sights to go and see.

Paris is going to be on the list as a place to visit. There you have the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral, just to name a few of the attractions. For children, Disneyland isn’t too far away. However, there’s a lot more to do in the city than people realise. There are impressionist classes for those who want to learn something new and some amazing jazz clubs to relax and listen to classic music.

However, Paris is not the only place to visit. For those who like history, Avignon is just one place that should be on your list for your France trip. There is a festival every summer and it is full of museums to learn more about the city of love.

It’s likely that you tried wine tasting before, but what about champagne tasting? This is just one thing that you can do while in France. There are plenty of different types of champagnes to try while at Epernay.

For those who prefer adventure or sports, there are a variety of options. The Tour de France is a popular even to watch each year. However, you can also take part in the adventure. Skiing is extremely popular in the winter months or you may want to try the popular hiking trails. Your France trip will be as exciting as you want it to be.

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