Why Should You Travel by France Trains?

France trains are one of the most leisurely and beautiful ways to explore the different regions of France. For a comfortable and fun experience while on board, consider booking your trip with SNCF, the country’s national railway, or enjoy more options at Rail Europe.


When booking passage with SNCF, the first thing you should consider is which type of train should you board. TGV is the company’s flagship train, a super-speed train that is France’s equivalent to Japan’s shinkansen.

If you are planning an overnight trip, you might find Lunea more comfortable, which boasts of luxurious carpeted flooring, duvets and modern showers.

The Eurostar, on the other hand, is what you will find most advantageous if you do not plan to just explore France, but most of Europe as well. If you are visiting more than one country, you should consider purchasing an Inter Railpass. It costs as low as £31 if you are visiting just one other country, or £150 for access to all stopovers in Europe.


This is the website to go to if you are looking for the widest selection of deals. It offers £149 for a return with its Eurostar Direct Ski package. It also offers a 25% discount if you avail its Disneyland Paris package. The website also offers travel insurance, which includes an annual coverage for as low as £30.

France trains may not be as speedy as airplanes, but that can only be a good thing since it allows you to enjoy the views in a more leisurely fashion.

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