France to England Ferry Information

Ferry Routes

When you think of France to England ferry crossings, it is easy to assume that Calais or Dunquerque to Dover are the only trips you can make.

There are several other less popular routes between the two nations, however, that might help you save both time, money and allow you to splendour at some of the beautiful Southern coastal land of England.

Calais to Dover

Calais to Dover is the most popular and well-travelled ferry crossing between France and England.

This 90 minute journey can be travelled for a very low cost with most major ferry operators which makes it a route travelled by millions of passengers each year.

Dunquerque to Dover

Similar to the Calais to Dover crossing, Dunquerque to Dover is also a very commonly travelled crossing from France to England on the ferry.

The journey, which is completed by many major ferry carriers, takes approximately two hours, although transit times become longer when the seas are rough or the weather inclement.

Portsmouth Routes

There are a collection of ferry routes from French ports to Portsmouth.

Journeys from Caen, Cherbourg, Le Havre and St. Malo to Portsmouth each take between six and eight hours, allowing you to relax and luxuriate in the comfort of your ferry.

Although these journeys are considerably longer, the ferries that travel the routes are often richer in their amenities, making the up to eight hour journey pass by very quickly.

Other Routes

A small number of ferry companies also offer travel from St. Malo to Poole and Weymouth, while you can also sail between Roscoff and Plymouth.

All of these journeys are similar in duration to the Portsmouth routes, with approximate journey times of between six and eight hours.


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