Where to Book Your France Ski Holidays

Combine romance, fun and adventure in your next winter break by booking one of the France ski holidays offered by skifrance.co.uk and igluski.com.


There are lots of promos and special offers to enjoy from this site throughout the year, but more so if you are booking in advance for the holidays. The website, for example, offers a discounted package for those leaving from Manchester or Gatwick either in January or March.

If you opt for the full package with Club Hotel Les Airelles, you get to enjoy free fare and accommodation for your child if you and one other adult pay the full fee each. Rates start at £459 per person per week.

The hotel has its own ski hire shop, located next to the nearest lift. It also has its own Sky TV, bar, restaurant, as well as a music-and-pool table.


This website offers accommodations not just in hotels, but private chalets as well. An example of this is the Chalet Quatre Saisons, which can accommodate up to 18 persons. If you book your travel for January, you will only have to pay £440 per person for a four-night stay. This rate is already discounted and gives you £25 worth of savings per person. The full rate includes not just accommodations, but also round trip fare and transfer.

With the best France ski holidays from the sites above, you and your loved ones or friends won’t even feel the bite of the chilliest winter. How can it be so when you are having so much fun?

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