Do you want France holidays at 2010 prices? Check this out

If there's one thing that we really love about the summer and early autumn it is most definitely having the opportunity to take a couple of weeks off work and get out for a nice holiday with the family. However this is becoming increasingly difficult to do these days due to the fact that things are so tight financially for most people.

Fortunately, by shopping around using the internet, it's very possible to find some really great deals on France holidays at 2010 prices. You don't need to worry about inflation getting the better of you, or how you're going to be able to pay for a week or two abroad with these deals, so read on to find out more.

We start by taking a look at LastMinute.com where you can find amazing prices on breaks to France at 2010 prices. If you are just looking for a short break, then you can get 3 nights in Paris departing October 13th for just £164.00 per person based on two adults sharing one room. With flights included, that's a complete package for just £328.09 - not a bad deal we're sure you'll agree.

Or if you're the type who likes to build your own holiday package, you should give some consideration to FrenchConnections.co.uk, which lists a wide range of affordable hotels and accommodation in France at last year's prices, such as just £44.00 per room per night at the gorgeous Blue Room accommodation in Somme.

If you are willing to put a little time into your search you'll turn up countless bargains, so stick with it and you'll be jetting off in no time at all.

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