Travelling with Pets on a France Ferry to Dover

France Ferry to Dover

SeaFrance provides ferry travel from Calais, France to Dover, England at reasonable prices and allows you to take up to five pets. Over the years quarantine and other restrictions have lifted making it possible for you to travel by ferry with your pets.

Onboard services include an information desk with SeaFrance staff who can answer questions and provide advice, roadmaps and travel guides for your trip. Facilities onboard include restaurants, cafes and bars providing a comfortable trip. Be prepared to board your vehicle because all pets must make the ferry trip inside your car. Understand that passengers are not allowed access to the vehicle deck or their pets during the crossing.

Additional information about taking a France ferry to Dover can be found at http://www.seafrance.com/uk/ferry-dover-calais/pets?packedargs=site%3DSF_Pax_Uk#.

Documents and Preparation

Children are required to have their own passport if they are under the age of 16 and adults require a passport as well. When transporting a vehicle in a ferry, you must bring insurance documents, driver's licence and a green card if required.

In addition, you must bring two fluorescent vests, a security triangle and first aid kit. These items are available onboard for purchase if needed and must be kept with you on the passenger deck. Make sure rental agreements for vehicles allow the transport of the car to another country.

Pet Transport

Ferrets, cats and dogs can all be transported on ferries with just a few requirements. In addition to your ticket price, you must pay £25 per pet.

Prior arrangements must be made to have your pet micro-chipped. They must also be vaccinated against rabies. Six months before the ferry trip they must have had a blood test. In addition, pets need up-to-date passports.

Rules and regulations or requirements may vary for each destination country. Check with your veterinarian to make sure you have all the proper documentation before buying tickets. Assistance and guide dogs are allowed in passenger areas while making the trip, but all others will travel in their owners vehicle.

The requirements for transporting pets on a France ferry to Dover are not that difficult and you will be glad you brought your pet along for the trip.

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