Going to France? Pick one of the many ferries!

There are many companies serving the various routes between the UK and France. Routes typically originate from Portsmouth, Dover, Pool or Plymouth amongst others. In France, you can take the ferry to Calais, St Malo, Caen and Cherbourg amongst others. With many routes to choose from, you should be able to find something suitable at a reasonable price.

Brittany-feries.co.uk is home to one of the ferry companies which offer several routes for France ferries. You can get a quote at their website by filling in a simple form in which you can specify your vehicle size and the number of passengers. Brittany Ferries can also organize short breaks with special deals starting from as low as £100 for 60 hours in France including the return trip.

PO Ferries is another of the major companies offering France ferries. Their main route runs between Dover and Calais, the most popular ferry route between the UK and France. You can also take a daytrip to France for as little as £25 return if you take advantage of their special offers. For £35 each way, you can enjoy a trip to France of any duration. All of the prices specified on poferries.com include all taxes and other mandatory charges.

If you want to enjoy flexible travel, seafrance.com offers a special promotion which adds an extra £5 to the cost of a one-way ticket. For this modest extra cost, you can enjoy having an open return ticket and stay in France for as long as you want.

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