Booking France caravan holidays

Sometimes it can be nice to have a home away from home when on holiday, with all the facilities you're used to, and on those occasions a caravan fits the bill nicely, and what's more, France based caravan holidays can often work out cheaper than hotels and you certainly get more for your money. Here then, are a couple of recommended places to book a caravan holiday in France.

Directholidayhomes.co.uk offers mobile homes and caravans for hire in the UK and France. They allow you to search by region, number of bedrooms, and specific caravan park if you already have an idea of where you want to stay. Additionally, they allow you to filter sites that allow pets, smoking, or provide linen or facilities for the disabled. Once you've found where you want to stay, they provide a clear list of prices for each date, and highlight bargains so that you can easily find a good deal. They also give a detailed rundown of what each site is like and what facilities are available. It is worth noting though that despite the name you can't book directly from directholidayhomes.com, instead you have to contact the owner of the caravan park. However it does provide contact details and links to each parks website.

Siblu villages operate their own holiday villages in France, including caravan parks. They provide three different types of mobile homes, including premium offerings which are larger and better equipped than most caravans or mobile homes, but they also offer a budget range as well, so in short they have something for everyone. They have sites all over France, and many include leisure and entertainment facilities such as swimming pools and bars. Additionally the website highlights many of the attractions of each region, so you can research every aspect of your holiday while booking your accommodation.

While there are many caravan parks in France, most of them are listed by Direct Holiday Homes, and for a slightly different and more premium selection Siblu villages has all you'll need, so one way or another you should find what you're looking for on one of these sites.

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