Forget About Haggis & Hogmany - Glasgow's all about the Tunes

Scotland What comes to mind? Hogmany, Kilts, Hairy Legs, William Wallace, Bloody Freezing? What about tunes, tunes and more tunes

I know, it’s hard to believe that there’s more to Scotland than Billy Connolly jokes, Rab C Nesbitt Vests and those lovely gents who support Glasgow Rangers.

But Scotland, well Glasgow at least, has some of the Uks top music venues - and some fine strong beer to wash it all down it of course.

On a recent (bloody freezin’) trip post Fringe, I was ushered around a muso’s tour of Glasgow – kicking off at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, mythologised, Oasified, Cramped and very, very Sweaty – says it all really, 272a St. Vincent's Street,

Then the night went all Bay City Rollers once we stepped into Nice N Sleazy - The finest jukebox in Glasgow - cheap food and some stellar live music. 421 Sauchihall Street,

To end with a touch of class we headed for Brel A former coach house just off Byres Road, this Belgian bar sits on what is arguably Glasgow's most pleasant thoroughfare, the cobbled Ashton Lane. Cold Belgian beers and excellent moules are on offer before the atmosphere turns from pleasant gastropub to hipster-cool when darkness descends. The live music ranges from jazz, acoustic folk to DJs willing to play virtually anything that gets people moving. 39 Ashton Lane,

Finally got home at silly o’clock to a restful 15 hours kip at the very sweet Hotel du Vin at One Devonshire Gardens (1 Devonshire Gardens; 0141 339 2001;

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