The world's top forest holidays

Are you seeking something a little bit different from your usual beach holiday or city break? Forest holidays are rapidly gaining popularity among British holiday makers. Not only do they offer something a little bit different from the norm, but they are perfect for family holidays and romantic getaways alike.

Taman Negara, Malaysia

If you're going to visit a forest, why not one of the oldest forests in the world? Taman Negara is arguably the world's oldest tropical rainforest, and in its dense jungles live rhinos, Asian elephants and tigers, among other rare and endangered species. Don't expect to see much more than monkeys, deer and snakes when you visit, but the experience is very much worth the trek to get there.

Daintree Rainforest, Queensland Australia

Located in the far north of Queensland, this tropical rainforest is lush and verdant, and literally teeming with wildlife. One of the best things about the Daintree Rainforest is the range of fantastic accommodation options in the region. From backpacker hostels to boutique hotels and luxury cabins, Daintree rainforest offers forest holidays to suit all budgets.

Cloud Forests, Costa Rica

Costa Rica has built up a strong reputation as a paradise for eco tourism lovers, and its cloud forests don't disappoint. As the name suggests, these magical forests are iced with clouds - and you can literally hike through the clouds as you wind your way through the walking trails. Even if you're not a bird lover, you will appreciate the beautiful songs and plumage on display here.

Center Parcs, UK and Europe

Don't overlook the forest holidays right here in the UK. Center Parcs are perfect for family holidays - and they have four holiday parks across the UK: Sherwood Forest, Longleat Foreast, Elveden Forest and Whinfell Forest. And it's not just for kids: just some of the many facilities in each location include an excellent spa, sports centre and subtropical swimming paradise.

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