Forbidden Objects in Hand Luggage

Whether you are going on a fun holiday, a short business trip or anything in between, packing is never as straightforward as you might think it is. There are many things that are not allowed in your hand luggage. For example, Christmas crackers may seem innocent enough yet many airlines won’t let you carry them on in your hand luggage. Here is a general list of forbidden items, but keep in mind that it will vary depending on the airline.

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Sporting Equipment

For those of you who are athletes that need to carry equipment, you will probably have to check it in rather than carry it on with you. This includes everything from pool cues and rollerblades to ice axes and cricket bats. In general, don’t plan on carrying on any blunt instruments with you.

Flammable Liquids and Solids

If you are planning on doing some painting and DIY work at your destination, leave all the flammable paints and thinners at home. Any flammable liquid such as gasoline and adhesives are strictly forbidden on planes as well as flammable solids like charcoal and “strike anywhere matches”.

Firearms and Ammunition

This may seem obvious but is very important but it needs to be said, you cannot carry on any firearms and ammunition into the carriage. For certain guns, if you have the appropriate permits and licenses and have it unloaded with the ammunition packaged correctly, you may check it in.

General Items

Any sharp tools or objects cannot be taken onto the plane. So pack away your tweezers, razor blades, knives and scissors into you checked luggage. Make sure that the liquids you carry on are in a container no larger than 100ml and they are packed in a re-sealable clear plastic bag. Call your airline if you have other objects that you are unsure of making it into the cabin.

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