For a truly Italian experience visit Tuscany

The main airport serving Tuscany is Pisa International Airport, which is located near Pisa, but is also well-connected to Florence. Some budget airlines fly here, including Ryanair. If you're travelling to Tuscany from anther Italian state, a great option is to take the train. Italy has an excellent train network and you can book online at Trenitalia.it. Florence is on the main Rome-Milan line. There are regular services from Florence to Rome, Venice, Milan, Bologna. Regional trains run to Pisa and Lucca.

Being a busy tourist region, the best time to visit Tuscany is outside of the peak tourist season. The busiest (and hottest) months are July and August. Easter and Christmas are also peak tourist times, as this is when Italians also take their holidays. The best months to visit are April to June and September/October, when the weather is still warm, but prices are usually lower and the sights are less crowded.

Most tourists will put Florence top of their list when planning a visit to Tuscany. The capital lives up to all expectations, with stunning architecture, world-class museums, beautiful piazzas around every corner and one of the world's most famous naked men - Michelangelo's David. Florence's architectural sights are truly awesome- Brunelleschi's dome, Giotta's bell tower, and the Bascilica di Santa Croce. One of the most fascinating activities in Florence is people-watching. Just sit back with an espresso and watch the beautiful Florentines at play.

For a break from city life, why not take a trip into the Tuscan countryside. The rolling hills make for a challenging but rewarding cycling trip. Or if you want a more relaxing time, maybe take a wine tour in the Chianti region. With so much to experience, you can be sure that your first trip to Tuscany won't be your last.

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