For a cheeky pint before the turkey...

You’ve got to trust a man who has written a book entitled 500 Beers, no frills – just plain beer, when he tells you where to drink. Zak Avery’s favourite boozer is The Wyndham Arms, Salisbury. No gastropub makeovers, theme nights, drinks promos or, thankfully, karaoke on Zak's list, just the sort of bonhomie that you get only by entering a small busy pub on a cold winter night, and the slightly old-fashioned notion that you can just turn up, order a pint and start chatting to the person next to you. If you can remember such a notion.

Zak recommends the deliciously fruity and chocolatey Entire Stout for this year’s tipple. You can check out his beer blog at thebeerboy.co.uk. For roaring open fires and a period drama feel head down to The George Inn, Wiltshire. A 14th Century pub in the historic village of Lacock where you’ll recognize the setting as that used in Pride & Prejudice. In fact, it’s rumored that Mr Darcy himself does a stint behind the taps on a Saturday evening - seems the recession has hit even the Victorian gentry.

Ask him to pull you a pint of the local ale, Wadworth 6X, and he might even put in a good word with one of Elizabeth’s sisters!

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