For a Boutique Winter Follow the Sun

L'Avenida, Soller – Mallorca oozes svelte charm and personality. It's all shot-silk drapes and jet chandeliers and with Mallorca's mild winters and Easyjet flights from £57 you can't go wrong. Toss the Spanish phrasebook in the case, check out avenida-hotel.com and ole ole away you go.

For a more exotic Christmas head down to Marrakech – Morocco where at the Borjs de la Kasbah, ooh it even sounds exotic, you'll find communal areas with an open-fronted dining room, cosy bar and sitting rooms where you can merrily toot your hookah through the season. lesborjsdelakasbah.com.

But if you've been a hard working bunny all year then it's the hidden side to the classic party island, Koh Phangan, Thailand (see pic), that'll give you full moon parties and a boutique hideaway for the comedown.

Mandalai is hidden away from the pumping sound systems and with 12 rooms around a pool and a terrace that opens on to a beach, this is just the style and comfort you need to recharge.

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