Food, Fun, and Fab Finds in Jordan’s Souk JARA

The hot summers get even hotter in Amman, Jordan with the start of Souk JARA, an annual flea market in the old district of Jabal Amman. Enjoy a sensual feast of exciting games, tempting treats, and eye-catching performances every Friday throughout the summer on your Jordan holiday.

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A public event started in 2005, Souk JARA brings together families and friends to a fun-filled festivity. The event is hosted by the Jabal Amman Residents Association, formed in 2004 with the goal of preserving history and promoting cultural events.

Stroll through one of the oldest streets in Amman and scour through endless bargains in souvenirs, handicrafts, paintings, and antiques. Traditional mats, baskets, framed silk pieces, and native jewellery are just some of the things to splurge on. Booths adorned with traditional ornaments transform the old neighbourhood into a trendy shopping paradise, offering tourists a truly unique shopping experience.

Souk JARA Games let kids join in the fun. While moms and dads are on the hunt for great deals, tots can learn and enjoy various traditional Amman games.

Appetizing treats satisfy tourists’ palettes in Souk JARA Café. After a tiring day of shopping, have a taste of Jordan’s delicacies and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with Shisha, the ultimate Arab “side dish.”

Souk JARA Theater offers musical concerts and films. Local bands spice up the night with engaging musical performances, while short films screened by the Royal Film Commission are a treat for film enthusiasts. Talent shows and stage performances are also featured.

Souk JARA starts at 10am and ends at 10pm. Magicians, mimes, breakdancers, and popular Jordanian musicians such as Hana Malhas have been gracing this joyous event since its kick-off in 2005.

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