Flying over the New Year? Here’s what you should know.

Whether you’ve been saving and planning since the summer or have just decided to grab a last minute deal, getting stranded at the airport over the holiday period is everyone’s nightmare. And with ongoing bad winter weather hitting much of Europe, there are a lot of nervous travellers around.

After the recent debacle at London’s Heathrow Airport, which left thousands of people forced to sleep on the airport floor for several nights, the Civil Aviation Authority has written to several UK and overseas-based airlines complaining that they didn’t meet with EU-enforced obligations to customers during the December snow chaos, neglecting to inform them of EU regulations, reports the Daily Mail.

Remember that if you're stranded at an airport due to bad weather, you have the right to refunds, meals, hotel accommodation and telephone calls if needed. If you have to make your own arrangements for hotels and meals, keep receipts as you can claim for reimbursement of reasonable expenses from your airline.

Transport minister Theresa Villiers has said that the Government would like to give the CAA more power. Under new planned regulations, airports must prepare adequately for bad weather or face fines and even losing their licences.

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