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Ryanair is continuously trying to improve its' services. Slowly but surely more frills are being added to the notoriously Low-frills Airline and their reputation is looking like it is on a bit of an upswing. They have recently become less strict on luggage allowances and even encourage passengers to take on board a second free carry on bag. They have also released a new app for electronic boarding passes as well making the airport experience quicker and easier. Ryanair have also made some adjustments to their business class offerings which will appeal to frequent corporate flyers.

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Ryanair staff seem to be more pleasant these days and now, with the advent of allocated seats on the low budget airline, there is no need for you to rush to get in line in the hopes of getting a decent seat. The revamped Ryanair website is also far more user friendly and most importantly passengers can now choose to fly in the Business Plus Class.

EasyJet, Ryanair's main competitor, had introduced a business package in recent years and saw a large increase in sales as a result. Not one to be left behind, Ryanair is now following suit and offer a very similar deal. With approximately a quarter of all Ryanair passengers travelling with them for business purposes, this seems like a logical way to go about increasing market share even further.

For the premium of a minimum of £59.99, business passengers will receive priority boarding, a large luggage allowance of up to 20kg and fast track through airport security at select airports. There is no physical curtain on the plain that will divide the two classes; rather they will offer seats that usually cost an additional £15 versus a standard ticket. These seats have extra leg space and are situated within the first 5 rows of the plane for quick disembarking upon arrival.

One of the highlights of this class is that it provides flexibility in your flights for no extra fee. You can make unlimited flight changes up to 40 minutes before your original flights departure time. This extra service usually costs £90 for the standard ticket so in the ever changing business world, this seems like a great option to cover those times when something unavoidable clashes with a flight time.

These additional services, even though they are free of charge, do still need to be selected when booking the flight. This is very important to note as if you try and add these options after booking, you will be charged for these extra services. Also, keep your eyes open for new city centre destinations that Ryanair will soon be offering with examples like Glasgow, Cologne and Edinburgh among the first of a whole batch of more central destinations.

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